Elevate your focus pulling with the “most sophisticated hand unit on the market”: The Arri Hi-5 Triple-Axis Wireless Follow Focus Kit. Quickly navigate through the camera settings with the unit's touch screen capabilities. Personalize the Hi-5 to your own needs with the three user buttons designed for personalized functions and haptic feedback. Add your own aesthetic flair for night-time shoots with the unit's RGB mode! Finally, operators can rejoice in the underrated “Tail Slate Mode” feature, which reminds the operator to capture tail slate prior to ending the recording.





2022 CBG Winner




Join VP of Packaging & Sales, Stuart Arbury, from Ramo Law and Andreas Olavarria, President & CEO of Level 33 Entertainment for an in-depth virtual conversation on Sales & Distribution.

You don't want to miss this! Come check out this workshop at Independent Film Alliance Chicago on July 14th at 6 pm.


Join us at Chicago Filmmakers, 1326 W Hollywood Avenue in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago, for the 12th annual Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival. The festival will exhibit over 30 films from around the globe and seeks out bold and innovative filmmakers that utilize story elements in a new and exciting way.

The festival will run from July 15th to 21st.



Ever confused about what batteries go with which devices? Confused as to what the heck are the differences between B-MT and Gold Mounts?

On July 28th, chill at our studio, Camera Ambassador, 2425 W 14th St Unit B, with some cold brew in hand! 😎

We'll be receiving a sneak peek from Core SWX at the brand new HELIX line of dual voltage batteries for Camera Ambassador's new Alexa 35!