We are a family of filmmakers, technicians, and community organizers who prioritize the needs of artists in the Chicago film industry. As a woman-owned and operated business, we make sure that we have our family's back. Camera Ambassador employees work in a setting full of care and attention to detail, amongst a team that demands ambition, drive, growth, and creativity. By joining the Camera Ambassador team, you become a part of an company that works tirelessly to not just serve the film industry, but innovate it.

Tech Internship

The Tech Internship is perfect for students who want to further their knowledge and understanding of cinema equipment with hands-on experience. Tech Interns will assist in prepping gear for clients as well as learning the ins and outs of how a rental house functions on a day-to-day basis.

Qualifications: General knowledge of cinema cameras and accessories, lenses, and G&E equipment. Strong ability to take initiative and complete tasks efficiently and effectively. Good communication skills between coworkers about equipment and job responsibilities. 
Responsibilities: Assist with gear preps, check-ins, and day-to-day tasks. Inventory new/incoming gear as well as update and maintain inventory changes. Set weekly/monthly goals and update Internship Coordinator on progress of achieving those goals. Pull and prep gear to ensure compatibility for various types of shooting scenarios.

Compensation: The position will be compensated weekly in the form of gear credit.

Cycles: Spring, Summer, Fall