For June 2022, we checked in with the LGBTQ+ members of our Camera Ambassador community for an interview series we're calling...





Eli Sulkowski (He/They) (@eli_sulkowski)
Actor & Screenwriter

"The drive that other people have (here in Chicago) really energizes me to continue to move forward in creative endeavors."



Emma Markuson (
Experimental Video Artist & Cinematographer

"I found that film is a really wonderful way of communicating. There are a lot of things about being a trans woman that I struggle to communicate with words."



Leah Raidt (She/Her) (@lraidt)

"I want to work with others who can connect with me on the belief that creative collaboration and art making is a sustainable healing practice."



Mary Tilden (@marytilden)
Actor, Director, Writer, Comedian, and (sometimes) Producer

"I thought of this quote that I uncovered in my Facebook memories, because I still have one of those ;)"



Toni Nordone (She/Her) (@toninordone_)
Cinematographer, Director, & Camera Ambassador Day Player

"What inspires me as an artist is being able to use real raw experiences in my work and to be able to tell stories from different perspectives."



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