On Set Headsets is a Sponsor of Camera Ambassador's 2022 Community Builders Grant. This week, we get a behind-the-scenes insider look at five of their products with Matthew Tingey, the Business Development Manager. Enjoy!


FilmPro Surveillance Headset

"The FilmPro Surveillance Headset is made with a Kevlar lining inside the wire. So, they're really tough. Like I've even caught mine on like a door handle and the headset rips out, but when I connected it all back together, they still work. So, these things are really high quality. They’re rigorously tested to withstand over 100,000 clicks and are radio earpieces known for their dependability, clear sound, and intelligibility." 


FilmPro X

“The FilmPro X is specifically for the film industry. You can plug the headset into your walkie-talkie and a comm-tech at the same time. So, assistant cameras and assistant directors who had to simultaneously listen to their walkie-talkie and to the actors' dialogue used to have two headphones on. Now, we've made a headset where it all goes into one set of headphones. So we're really proud of that. We're the first ones to do that.”


FilmPro Elite

 “The Elite series is something new to the walkie-talkie industry. I had never seen a black and gold headset before - it's made with a gold and brass alloy, similar to sound designers when they have their headphones on and their gold connectors. We wanted to create an exclusive top-tier product. We wanted to like tap into that high-quality sound. We also offer a lifetime warranty. So, for the lifetime of that headset, we will exchange it and ship it to them for free without hassle.”



Walkie Caddy

“The Walkie Caddy is a great tool for anyone in film because it’s a tool belt specifically made for your handheld two-way radio and frees up your pockets. You can put makeup, brushes, multi-tools, and a little lighter - I used to keep a lighter there for when actors wanted to smoke. If you carry a walkie-talkie in your line of work, you need a walkie caddy.”




“Tubeez are the newest thing. They’re a comfortable, threaded walkie-talkie earpiece for your surveillance headset gear. What’s great about them is that they not only function well, but the fashionable fabric of the product also creates insulation around the tube inside. This reduces the condensation that could clog it up. We make Tubeez in different colors and styles. So it’s totally cool - for the first time in fifty years of walkie talkies, we've created different colored earpieces.”



BONUS: Vending Machine

“Wouldn't it be cool if you were on set and you needed a headset all of a sudden and there was a vending machine right next to crafty or the bathrooms? You could get a headset right then and there. So, that's our idea. We're gonna implement it in Canada first and then bring it to the states soon.”


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On Set Headsets is a Vancouver-based company that is dedicated to providing the local and international film industry with high quality film gear. Founded by a filmmaker for filmmakers, On Set Headsets is consistently rated at the top of the surveillance earpiece market. Their products can be found in over 14 cities spanning four countries through exclusive distributors (including Camera Ambassador!). Whenever you’re on a set, just take a look at the crew and you will most likely see them using our products.