Just mention this at check out and your discount will be applied.

Camera Ambassador loves supporting students and understands that the rental world can seem overwhelming or confusing. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

1.  Browse our website to find the gear that's right for your project. If you don't see something you're looking for, shoot us an email and we'll see if we can find it for you. We're magical unicorns who can usually make it happen!

2. Either add these items to your quote request and submit it via our website or email us at Rentals@CameraAmbassador.com.

3. We'll email you back a quote - this is only a quote and you aren't committing to anything so don't stress. We'll also discuss your options for insurance and help guide you through what is the best choice for your project.

4. If you'd like to proceed with booking the equipment, let us know and we'll email you all the required documents via Docusign.

5. Complete these documents and your order is confirmed as booked. Ensure you confirm what day & time you are scheduled to pick up and return.

6. Schedule a FREE prep in our studio to ensure you have all the equipment you need, everything is compatible, and your shoot is set up for success. Also, enjoy some refreshments from our snack bar and chat with our gear techs.

Did you know that your school or university may offer insurance for your gear rented from Camera Ambassador on student and approved projects? Find your school below and follow the instructions to inquire!

To request a COI for current Depaul students to utilize the school's insurance, contact production@cdm.depaul.edu.

For additional resources for Depaul Students visit, here.

To request a COI for current Northwestern students to utilize the school's insurance, contact The Office of Risk Management. For the Radio/TV/Film department contact Juan Carlos Perez at juan.perez2@northwestern.edu.

For additional student resources visit, here.

To request a COI for current Flash Point students to utilize the school's insurance, you must first receive a quote from Camera Ambassador for the gear you'd like to rent. Next, send the quote to a full time faculty member who will coordinate with the school's insurance company to have a COI issued. Only gear rentals for a approved student project or a class will be eligible to be covered by the school's insurance policy.