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Introduction to Gripping

Veteran Gaffer, Ned McGregor, returns to teach this workshop covering best practices for lighting and safety precautions as a Grip.

Here's what this workshop will cover:

-On Set Safety Fundamentals

-Basic Best Practices for Grips (such as setting up C-Stand and Basic Light Stands, Setting a Flag, Setting an Overhead Frame)

-Basic Best Practices for Electric (including wrapping cables, setting a stand, and light fixture use and safety)

-Basic Operation of Tungsten, LED, Fluorescent, and HMI lights

Tech Take Over: Red Gemini & Mytwork Prep Bays

Enjoy this recording from our recent Facebook Live Tec Takeover on the Red Gemini & our Mytwork Prep Bays hosted by Tech/Creative Director Austin Taylor and featuring Tech Tin Nguyen.

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