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POSTPONED: Iron Sharpens Iron Bootcamp: Audio 101!

NoiseFloor will host the next installment of our Iron Sharpens Iron Bootcamp: Audio 101! NoiseFloor is an audio facility that has been creating sound for over 20 years. From footsteps made with baking soda to enhance your favorite creepy movie, to layering the right number of explosives to create a classic BOOM in your video game, they create it all. NoiseFloor has grown to a strong ten member staff of sound designers, music composers, producers, audio implementators, mixers and location recordists.

Join us for this 3-hour bootcamp as we provide the foundational knowledge needed to make your next project sound amazing. This workshop will cover the following:

Location Audio (proper mic techniques, sync, DIT, and archiving)Dialogue (Forms of dialogue, noise reduction, ADR, Loop Group)Backgrounds, SFX, Sound Design, FoleyMixing

This event will be rescheduled


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