The incredible focal length range that this lens offers makes it very unique in the kinds of shots you are able to craft with it. From a hauntingly creeping zoom to an intensely comical crash zoom, the ability to maintain resolving power and aperture over such a range is truly something special.


One of our 2023 CBG Winners began filming in the last few weeks!

We are so excited to work with Adithi and the team for Young Claude and are excited to see their finished product.

The filming of Young Claude was temporarily halted halfway through production due to the SAG strike, which incurred many unexpected costs. The project is now fundraising again in order to finish post-production, and distribution of the film. If you're interested in supporting the project, reach out to Writer, Co-Director, Executive Producer Adithi Chandrashekar:


Join us for our next Cam Jam! We will be having a potluck BBQ to allow networking with other industry professionals and will also be hosting a demo to show off how you might set up and shoot a commercial tabletop product spot. RSVP Today to join in! ♥️


The annual XL Film Festival and Summit, from Creative Cypher, brings together industry professionals, providing an immersive experience for audiences to dive into. From thought-provoking panels to film showcases we aim to celebrate the power of storytelling through the captivating art form of cinema.

Those attending the XL Fest this year will get a chance to see Camera Ambassador Founder & Owner, Erica Duffy, on the “Queens in Media” panel taking place on Day 2 (August 18th)!


3AM Thoughts Productions, a Chicago local production company dedicated to giving underrepresented voices a platform where they can create their stories is hosting a series called A Force of Makers where they dive deeper into demystifying the industry and have thoughtful conversations on topics to help indie filmmakers have a sustainable career. This iteration is called "The Art of the Pitch" and is designed to help attendees see what it's like to be in the room pitching to potential investors and financiers. We'll be using the time to discuss putting together your pitch deck, digging into your films budgets, financials, and the dos and don'ts of pitching.


Sandy Film Festival believes that movies are therapy. This platform observes film as a gateway to mental health and understanding within the community. Sandy Film Festival invites, impactful music videos, thoughtful reels, and off-the- beaten-path shorts and features.