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The new family comedy “Adult Children”, produced by Angie Gaffney, follows four adult siblings forced to live together after a long time apart. It's been filming in Oregon, IL, and Dixon, IL, since the beginning of May.

Thank you to the amazing camera team: Director of Photography - Yessica Young, 1st AC - Gary Walker, 2nd AC - Mikayla Hufziger, B Cam Operator - David Foy, B Cam 1st AC - Miles Anderson, B Cam 2nd AC - Mikki Dick, DIT - Jordan Amandes

Stay tuned for updates on Adult Children.


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Filmscape Chicago brings together filmmakers, artists, technicians, and students from across Chicago and the greater Midwest for two days of networking, education, and training - all completely for free.

Come meet the team at the Camera Ambassador booth at Filmscape Chicago on June 24th & 25th, 2023, at CineCity Studios.



The Midwest Film Festival is excited to collaborate with Cinema-Luz for an exceptional evening of ANALOG SHORTS on Monday, June 26, 2023 at The Gene Siskel Film Center.



Trans filmmaking has spread across even more genres, from rom-com to sci-fi. Come kick off LGBTQ Pride Month by sampling modern landmarks and hidden gems in this diverse and ever-growing international tradition.

Join the Chicago International Film Festival and Nick Davis, Northwestern Professor and film critic, for a series of free interactive lectures.