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Music Video Specialty Bundle

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Weekly:  $4,050.00 $5,250.00
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Don’t wait for the bass drop… get the Music Video Specialty Bundle today!

This bundle’s decked out with the RED Gemini 5K Kit, Atlas Orion Prime Lens Set, and ND Filter Set to ensure that amazing visuals match for the amazing artist. Of special note is the Astera AX1 Pixel Tube Kit, which features a beautiful range of colors!

  • (1) Red Gemini 5K Kit With PL or EF Mount
  • (1) Atlas Orion EF/PL Anamorphic (3) Prime Lens Set
  • (1) Anton Bauer Digital 90/150/190 V-Mount (4) Battery Kit
  • (1) Sachtler Video 18 S1 100mm Ball Head Tripod System
  • (1) Arri LMB-25 Clip On Matte Box
  • (1) ND (4) Filter Set 4x5.65"
  • (1) Astera AX1 Pixel Tube Kit

$1,350.00 Day/Weekend Rate
$4,050.00 Week Rate
$12,150.00 Month Rate