Women GNE You Should Know

(Plus, local talent you should work with)

Women are quite frequently the minority when it comes to film crews. And when looking at the number of women seen in the Grip and Electric department, the numbers tend to be much smaller. Which is why we felt that it’s important to highlight the women who work in the grip and electric departments in the film industry.

We’d also like to give special thanks to Christy Taddeo, William Eichler, and Timothy Troy for assisting us in our search for women grips, gaffers, and electricians.

Vanessa Alexis

Vanessa Alexis

Residing in Brooklyn, Vanessa Alexis is a grip that has worked for productions such as Orange is the New Black, BlacKkKlansman, The Affair, Ramy, and High Fidelity. Initially, she wanted to become a director and screenwriter. But after studying GNE in the “Made in NY” Production Crafts Training Program, she felt attached to the department.

Alexis still writes for the screen and has directed a short film. (She’s also acted as a producer and cinematographer.) But her work as a grip is where her passion resides. “People always ask me why I want to be a grip,” said Alexis, upon receiving her union membership with Studio Mechanics Local 52 (New York). “I love being a grip because grips stick together. You have a problem; we fix it. Most of all is that sense of unity. It’s my other family.”

Amy Austin

Set lighting technician, Amy Austin, is a former video game designer who used her love for the technical to transition to a career in film. A union member of IA 728 (Los Angeles) and 477 (Orlando), she has worked for productions including Peppermint, Breaking In, Caged, David Makes Man, and the new Disney+ series The Right Stuff.
Amy Austin
Christy Taddeo

Christy Taddeo

Christy Taddeo is a local gem with over 20 years of experience as a grip and electrician. If there’s a major production being shot in Chicago, it’s highly likely that Taddeo is a member of its G&E department. Her credits include Batman Begins, Stranger than Fiction, Meet the Browns, The Chicago Code, Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Divergent, Shameless, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and much more.

“Christy has an amazing heart for what we do, and also for how the union supports that and is an aid to the working teams,” cinematographer and producer, William Eichler, says. “She's a great voice and a darn good electric.”

Tana Dubbe

Key grip, Tana Dubbe, is another veteran of the grip and electrical department. Located in Los Angeles, she brings 30 years of experience to set. Her vast portfolio work includes The Real World, Weeds, Iron Man, John Carter, The Bling Ring, Straight Outta Compton, Insecure, Venom, Birds of Prey, and more.
Tana Dubbe
Texure 1

Ingrid Franca

Born in Brazil and a Chicago local, Ingrid Franca is a graduate of the Film & Broadcast program at Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy, with a focus in Cinematography. Some of Ingrid’s recent projects include her work as a grip / dolly grip on series such as Empire, Chicago Med and The Chi.

Adrienne Bauer

Adrienne Bauer is a local dolly grip who works for productions both in and out of Chicago. Her work can be seen in productions like Electric Dreams, Empire, The Chi, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Queen of the South, Chicago P.D., and more.


Looking to hire local GNEs for your production? Look no further than these highly recommended grips, electricians, and board operators.
(in no particular order)

Margaret Hartman (Lighting Dimmer Board Operator)
Amy Limpinyakul (Grip)
Megan Snowder (Lighting Dimmer Board Operator)
Karina Teissman (Best Boy Electrician)
Katie Bellamy (Electrician)
Jaxi Alegria (Electrician)
Lane Baj (Grip)