Our RED V-Raptor has finally arrived at our studio! We’re joined by Camera Ambassador Lead Technician, Eric Silver, for the Unboxing!


First thing’s first, the RED V-Raptor is the latest in RED's line of cameras and the beginning of their DSMC-3 Body Type. 

My first impression of the camera is that it's dense - they've fit a lot of features into this camera body. I'm also noticing that it's slightly heavier than the Komodo. On the RED Komodo, the screen was on the top of the body and in many situations, it was very difficult to change settings either because of glare or because the camera was too high off the ground. So, I love that they put the screen on the side of the RED V-Raptor to avoid this issue.


Specs at a glance: 8K Vistavision, full frame sensor, 120 FPS in 8K, 4.03 lbs, and DSC3 Body Style


On the front of the camera body, they went with the same Canon RF Mount again. But this time, they’ve added the locking feature that they have done for their EF Mounts. With the Komodo, there was a lot of play when the lenses were mounted, so it’s great that they were able to remedy that. This is also a full VistaVision sensor, so you could use any full-frame lenses on here - both EF and PL mounted lenses.


RED V-Raptor Mounted with Lens


Next up is the CF-Express port on the side of the camera. I like that RED is moving away from proprietary media and just using what’s already out there. This camera should max out around 1800 megabytes per second for recording if you’re shooting at 8K 120FPS.

In the back of the body, there's a micro V-mount plate. You can’t use standard V-mount batteries, so you'd have to either go with a micro V-mount or a gold mount adapter that allows you to run off of gold mount batteries instead. On the back, we also do have two 12G SDI ports, so we can output to a 4K monitor and recorder, and get all of our lovely footage. We have a five pin audio port and an antenna for the built-in WiFi, similar to the Komodo. Finally, we have the EXT port, which allows us to get a run-stop timecode. 


Profile View of RED V Raptor


The screen shares a lot of similarities in control and buttons to the Komodo. We have a power switch rather than a button, which is a nice design choice since it’s more definitive when the device is on or off and you won't have to guess!

Now, let's run power to the camera...


To learn more about Eric’s thoughts on the RED V-Raptor running, please check out the entirety of our latest Unboxing Video (and all our other wonderful video resources on YouTube).



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