We're excited to welcome the newest addition to our team: Rey Tang!

Rey will be serving as our new Marketing/Client Relations Associate and will be taking over the blog for July. To kick things off, we sat down and asked her a few questions. Enjoy!


CA: It's a broad (read: bad) question cause I know you do so much, but humor us: in a couple of sentences, tell us about you and your interests.

RT: For sure. I love storytelling. My dream is to write for TV some day. I'm also trying to break into the improv scene - I’m currently interning and taking classes over at the Annoyance Theater. Oh, and outside of film, I play Ultimate Frisbee. Last year, I co-captained the women’s club team at Northwestern.

CA: You just graduated from Northwestern with a degree in filmmaking. What kept you grounded throughout the process? Especially going through it all during 2020-2021!

RT: What kept me grounded was definitely my community! I got to work with some of my closest friends on my senior thesis and that was the only way that I could ever finish producing a film during the pandemic. I also lived with the Frisbee community - like, our home is literally called the “Frisbee House”. Living in the Frisbee House helped me get through so much of the pandemic because I had that community and I had friends that were there for me. I didn't realize how much I cared about community until this year when I really needed it.

CA: What are you most excited about in your new position as Client Relations/Marketing Associate?

RT: I'm excited to put on many different hats. I'm a Film and Econ double major with a Computer Science minor - I kind of compare my skill set to that of a Swiss army knife. So, I‘m excited to be able to try my hand at so many different roles. But, I’m mostly looking forward to meeting all the clients. There's just so many rad people that come through. It's nice to hear clients’ stories and learn about the projects they're making.

CA: How do you see yourself growing alongside Camera Ambassador?

RT: While I was at Northwestern, I was in a little bit of an Evanston bubble. But, as an upperclassman, I was able to break through and meet some of the Chicago filmmaking / comedy scene through either taking classes at theaters or through working as a Research Assistant at Open Television. I'm definitely excited to grow alongside Camera Ambassador in engaging with the Chicago community and learning more about how we as a brand can take a more active role in helping others fulfill their creative vision.

CA: You’re taking over the blog for the next month. What can folks expect to see from the content you’ll be dishing out?

RT: I worked at the equipment cage at Northwestern. So, I have some working knowledge of film equipment, but not nearly as in-depth as the Technicians here. As a result, I'm excited to be working with our Tech Team and kind of providing an outsider perspective to the more niche details of our equipment.

CA: The next few questions are rapid fire: Ice cream or cookies?

RT: Ice cream


CA: Coffee or tea?

RT: Tea. Bubble Tea, ideally.

CA: Lazy Sunday, or never rest?

RT: Lazy Sunday! Self care, baby!

CA: Superstore or Broad City?

RT: Oh, wow. This one feels very targeted. This is so hard. Hmm... Superstore.

A: Favorite co-worker?

RT: Definitely Cashew.

A: Haha great! Anything else you want to talk about or share or plug to the people out there?

RT: Yeah. I’m so stoked to meet all of you. Very psyched to write these blog posts for next month. Excited to be here. Heck yeah.