As our Operations and Client Relations Associate, Morgan Price will be a new friendly face around the shop! We caught up with our new friend and chatted about her interests and experiences on set. Enjoy!


CA: What brought you to Camera Ambassador?

MP: I’ve been working in film since graduating school and recently moved here from Michigan. When I knew that I was moving to Chicago, everyone I talked to was like, oh, you should check out Camera Ambassador! My wonderful community and word-of-mouth led me to discover Camera Ambassador, and needless to say, I’m super glad I listened.


CA: What are you most excited about with regards to working here at Camera Ambassador?

MP: I am very excited to be a part of the film community in Chicago and to keep meeting wonderful folks. It’s personally fulfilling to help facilitate creative work in the community. Something I feel particularly jazzed about are the events that Camera Ambassador hosts and collaborates on–I am looking forward to learning new things and meeting new faces.


CA: How long have you been working in the film industry and what do you enjoy about it?

MP: I have been working in the film industry for 5 years. I started as an actor after graduating from Syracuse University, but more and more I found myself wanting to be behind the camera. I then started working in production full time as a camera assistant. What I love about this industry is how collaborative and resourceful everyone is– filmmakers are expert problem-solvers, and we do it with creativity and personal flair which I love so much.



CA: What are 3 films you really enjoy?

MP: It is nearly impossible to choose just 3...
Casablanca: I am a sucker for a love story and the acting is beyond great.

Dr. Strangelove (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb): It's embarrassing to admit that after watching the entire film the first time I did not know it was Peter Sellers in 3 different roles.

10 Things I Hate About You: a Shakespearean storyline, Heath Ledger and Allison Janney, and a primarily ska soundtrack? What more could you want? I have watched this film an unhealthy amount of times.


CA: Where are you from and what do you like most about where you are from?

MP: I’m from Michigan, the metro-detroit area. I’m a lover of all things natural, and I love to camp, hike, bike, and just explore. Michigan has some really breathtaking natural landscapes. I moved here after living in Detroit for the past few years, and Detroit is one of my favorite cities in the world. The people who call Detroit home make it the gem that it is– Detroiters are passionate, resilient, creative, and full of grit.


CA: What have you been loving about Chicago?

MP: THE FOOD. Prior to living here I didn’t know Chicago had so many killer restaurants–I’ve been eating my way around each neighborhood and it is dang delicious. Also, THE BEACH. I love a lake day and running on the lakefront is such a gift.




CA: What is one thing you are most excited to experience here in Chicago?

MP: I am really looking forward to experiencing fall in Chicago. Summer has been great but I am ready for cozy season. I’m a romantic and there’s nothing like fall in a new city.


CA:What are your favorite things to do outside of work and why?

MP: Outside of work I like to go running, camping, hiking–anything involved with getting outside. I also love to travel, read, and I’ve recently begun metal-smithing, which is super fun and fulfilling. So far I am doing the basics of jewelry-making, but I hope to get into sculpture work, casting, and eventually blacksmithing techniques.




CA:What are your long term career aspirations?

MP: I hope to keep making art in many different mediums–writing and directing films, acting, and exploring metal. Long term I hope to have a body of work in different disciplines, start a production company, and have many many memories made with wonderful collaborators and teammates. <3




Morgan (she/her) hails from the great lakes state of Michigan. She is a camera assistant, formally trained actor (Syracuse University, London’s Globe Theater), and burgeoning metalsmith. When not at Camera Ambassador, you can find her leading historical running tours of Chicago or hanging with her cat Floof.

Check out Morgan on her IG!