With Pride month coming to an end, we found ourselves reflecting on how supporting our queer communities is more than a month long endeavor. We've put together a list of local festival darlings, "unsettling" shorts, charming mockumentary web-series, & upcoming projects to celebrate these voices and fill our collective cues even as June ends.

[This is not intended as an exhaustive resource and the work being depicted is sometimes more traditional and in others, more abstract.]

Local Queer Film Watchlist & Upcoming Projects:

Jack and Anna Film Poster

Jack and Anna

Directed by 
Ksenia Ivanova (2019)

"Based on true events, 'Jack and Anna' tells the tragic story of a young woman who was put on trial for cross-dressing and same-sex marriage in the early 1900s."

Available on: Film Shortage

Garden Doc

Created by 
Evelyn Landow and Laura Nelson (2019)

"The story of Washington D.C. radio personality Ralph 'Petey' Greene, an ex-con who became a popular talk show host and community activist in the 1960s."

Available on: Youtube
Garden Doc Poster
Our Transition Poster

Our Transition

Directed by Connor O'Keefe (2020)

"A filmmaker explores his transition to male and coming out at 13 years old by reliving the experience through the perspective of his parents."

Available on: Youtube

Black Pill

Directed by Jessi Gaston (2020)

"In a near-future techno-dystopia, a trans-masc shut in named Ven orders a box of pills off a shady website that promise to make their aberrant and strange fantasies a reality."

Available on: OTV
Black Pill
Finesse Poster


Directed by Vincent Martell (coming soon)

"FINESSE examines the line between sexuality and sensuality, fantasy and reality, and the never-ending search for intimacy between three roommates in Chicago."

Check out the NSFW trailer here [Also, check out the rest of VAM Studio's catalog on Vimeo]

By a Thread

Directed by Jordan Tragash (coming soon)

"By a Thread follows a young non-binary puppeteer in the city of Chicago."

Watch the trailer on Youtube
By a Thread poster
Chrusalis Poster


Directed by Elliott "Ell" Hartman (pre-production)

"One year after the zombie outbreak that decimated society, Cora and Aras are still holding out for rescue. When troublemaker Zoey returns seemingly from the dead, she offers Aras a way out of the limbo he's been trapped in ever since the apocalypse delayed his transition. Soon all three survivors must confront the thin line between safety and survival - and whatever lies beyond."

Watch their Indiegogo Teaser on Youtube

Back in a Storm

Visual Album by Grace Richardson (coming soon)

"Back in a Storm is a dance journey (to Lapsley's "Through Water") detailing a sapphic unrequited love triangle, set in a surreal queer world of femininity and emotionality"

Check out some their team's production stills here


Back in the Storm still