By Rebecca Martin Fagerholm


Faster than a high-speed camera capable of capturing moving images at 250 frames per second. More creatively savvy than an Oscars ceremony coordinator. And equipped with the ability to meet formidable deadlines in a single bound. Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Erica Duffy, CEO of Camera Ambassador, Executive Director of the Midwest Independent Film Festival, and Publisher of THE CALL SHEET. She is a superhero to underrepresented filmmakers everywhere, including her sweet home of Chicago, but she is a superhero to me because of her compassion for other people, and her ability to believe in the talent and visions of up-and-comers. I feel I share that with Erica, but the fact that she believes in me means the world. 


I believe that Erica Duffy is the embodiment of what we’re doing at THE CALL SHEET. I’m so honored to be the Editor in Chief of this magazine and work for a superhero. At THE CALL SHEET, we elevate underrepresented voices so we may change how people see the industry, and not just from a bi-coastal perspective, but through the voices of filmmakers whose work takes place in a lot of “fly-over” areas in our country such as Kansas, Michigan and Chicago. Our theme for Vol. 2 is “unconventional superheroes” behind the camera and onscreen, and what better leader to have for this issue then an “unconventional superhero” in her own right. 


For Volume 2 of THE CALL SHEET, with its official release on January 2nd, 2024, we hope you enjoy the different people and aspects of the film industry that we highlight and feel are worthy of superhero-status, specifically our cover story subject, the amazing Sam Bailey, director of BROWN GIRLS, YOU’RE SO TALENTED, and the upcoming series, IRONHEART. We also feature insightful writing about some powerful documentaries, shows, and individuals in the industry, all beacons of hope that are shaking things up. We hope that after reading Vol. 2 of THE CALL SHEET, it will inspire the superhero within you too.


For our December post for THE CALL SHEET blog I wanted to elevate Erica Duffy’s words about the upcoming issue. We spoke about why she is excited for people to read Vol. 2, what she hopes people will see in the issue, and what impact she hopes THE CALL SHEET will make on the film industry.


RMF: What excites you about Vol. 2?


ED: Vol. 2 of THE CALL SHEET holds a special place in my heart. Showcasing these incredible filmmakers has been an absolute honor, just like with Volume 1. However, this time, I had the privilege of being more intimately involved in the writing process, deepening my connection to every feature. From going behind the curtain with a family like the Sievs, to feeling immense pride for Chicago-born Sam Bailey, to being inspired by Nalini Nadkarni’s treetop Barbie, this magazine is filled with extraordinary stories. This annual archive holds great importance in a world where the printed medium is slowly fading. Finally, I couldn’t answer this question without sharing my excitement for the visuals and aesthetics of Volume 2. Every detail, from the content itself to the texture of the paper, is meticulously attended to. It’s the small details that create the magazine's personality and emotional drive. I am so proud of this edition on every level and page!


RMF: What do you hope people see in this issue about the filmmaking communities we cover?


ED: In Volume 2, I hope people will draw awareness of the profound interconnectedness we all share as human beings. By delving into the lives of these artists, their families, and their communities, we uncover the common threads that bind us together. This is what sets THE CALL SHEET apart—we transcend the surface and delve into the deeper impact of these extraordinary individuals. This understanding is more vital than ever in a world plagued by divisions and disconnections.

Additionally, I want people to recognize that art is something to be cherished and celebrated. The creation of THE CALL SHEET Magazine has been no easy feat, but it is a commitment born out of the belief that artists and filmmakers deserve to be elevated and celebrated. They deserve a moment of reflection and appreciation for their remarkable achievements. In our fast-paced world, where everything moves at breakneck speed, I hope that through this printed medium, artists and art lovers alike can take a moment to pause, indulge in the simple pleasure of a hot cup of tea, and revel in the joyous celebration of creation itself.


RMF: What is your hope for THE CALL SHEET and the impact it will make?


ED: Above all, I hope THE CALL SHEET becomes a powerful platform for fresh, unique, underrepresented, and up-and-coming artists to share their invaluable work. It should be a safe space where these artists can freely express themselves, knowing we are here to uplift and support them. I want our readers to feel deeply inspired, their hearts stirred, and their spirits invigorated, prompting them to forge new connections and foster community. Ultimately, I envision THE CALL SHEET as a historical record, meticulously archiving the stories of each passing year. For instance, you beautifully covered the 2023 industry strikes, documenting these significant historical events that demand remembrance. Through print materials like THE CALL SHEET, we ensure the preservation of these crucial moments in time, allowing future generations to learn from and appreciate the struggles and triumphs of those who came before them.

Rebecca Martin Fagerholm is the Managing Editor and Founder of Cinema Femme, and co-publisher of The Call Sheet. The second volume of The Call Sheet is coming on January 2, 2024. Stay tuned for more information and be sure to check out Volume 1!