As our Junior Designer and Content Strategist, Justyna Lepa will be a new friendly face around the shop!

Justyna Lepa (she/they) is a documentarian and editor from Chicago. They passionately chronicle community stories and make films that heed cultural competence. Outside of Camera Ambassador, you can find them backcountry backpacking or crafting Pokémon card shadowboxes.  

We caught up with our new friend and chatted about their interests and experiences on set. Enjoy!


CA: What brought you to Camera Ambassador?

JL: Camera Ambassador is a core member of the Chicago film scene- everyone knows who they are. I knew I wanted to work on The Call Sheet ever since I first read it, so when I saw they were hiring, I had to apply.


CA: What are you most excited about with regards to working here at Camera Ambassador?

JL: I’m excited to work on The Call Sheet and introduce more people to this amazing magazine!

CA: What are your favorite things to do outside of work and why? 

JL: Birdwatching and stargazing always fills me with an appreciation for the world and how much there is to see. I recently got into backpacking and I’m training up to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. 


CA: What are your long term career aspirations?

JL: I want to work on nature, science, and social justice documentaries. I’m all about learning about different fields and sharing that with others.


CA: What are 3 films you really enjoy?

JL: Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse, and Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron


CA: How long have you been working in the film industry and what do you enjoy about it?

JL: I’ve worked in the film industry since 2020, and I love working with new people and learning about their workflows.


CA: Where are you from and what do you like most about where you are from?

JL: I was born and raised in the pocket dimension of unincorporated northwest Chicago. The Museum of Science and Industry and the Garden of the Phoenix in Jackson Park are my favorite places in the city.


CA: What do you most enjoy about design?

JL: Getting the final stamp of approval after working on a piece for hours is so gratifying, and knowing that it will introduce filmmakers to community events and opportunities is the cherry on top.

Check out Justyna on their website and IG!