This week we’re joined by Chicago musician, filmmaker, & photographer, Jordan Graves!

(This interview was edited and condensed for clarity)


CA: Hey Jordan! Hit us with your bio.

JG: My name is Jordan Graves. I'm a producer when it comes to filmmaking.

CA: What does your producing look like?

JG: A lot of experience doing a lot of different things from writing, directing, assistant director, unit production manager, production coordinator, line producer, et cetera, et cetera.

CA: How has COVID impacted your sets?

JG: I'm always trying to limit the number of people on set in the first place. That means smaller crews, smaller casts. Another thing I'm doing is making sure that our locations are physically large enough to enable social distancing. And you're wearing a mask.

CA: How have Talus's green initiatives been affected by COVID?

JG: Waste! I consider myself an environmentalist and I'm really focused on bringing green production to Chicago and creating production and creating sets that reduce waste as much as possible and are environmentally conscious and environmentally friendly and leave as little of a footprint as possible.

CA: What do you look for when assembling a crew?

JG: A sense of respect and communication to the role. That's really important.

CA: Thank you, Jordan!

JG: I would like to thank Camera Ambassador for in giving the opportunity to talk a little bit about myself and what I do. My production company, Talus Films. We are an eco-friendly production company. We plant trees for all of our sets. We've planted 35 trees through our reforestation partners. So far that number only going to go up! T-A-L-U-S, Talus Films. To anyone watching this, thanks for watching hope you're having a great today. Stay safe out there.


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