This week we’re joined by Chicago actor, writer, & producer, Johnny Weichel!

(This interview was edited and condensed for clarity)


CA: Hey Johnny! Hit us with your bio.

JW: Hi everyone. My name is Johnny Weichel. I am a local grip slash camera assistant here in Chicago. I also work at Camera Ambassador from time to time as a tech and in the sales department.

CA: Are you working on any projects currently?

JW: I have thoroughly enjoyed taking up more time to stream on Twitch during the quarantine. I have been able to use my skills in both camera and also editing a little bit to create a channel dedicated to just a variety of games.

CA: What place do you miss most since being in quarantine?

JW: The place I miss the most is a place I don't frequent often, but it's a nice treat is Mott Street, an Asian fusion restaurant. They do it kind of family style where you just share plates with whoever you're with. And the space is just very communal feeling. I miss just being there and eating their food, obviously.

CA: Have you picked up any new hobbies while in quarantine?

JW: I haven't really picked up any new hobbies. I've picked up old hobbies, like editing, streaming, and creating a stream that like reflects myself and is warm and welcoming is really important to me. And so, I've even collaborated with friends on some stream design stuff. I miss playing golf. That is the one hobby I have not partook in [while in quarantine].

CA: Thank you, Johnny!

JW: Thanks everyone for [reading]. If you want to catch me live on and Instagram at [@jawtelevision]


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