Ever so often, we ask our team, "Hey CA!...," a common question to catch up with what they're working on or how they're doing. This week, we asked our team... 

Hey CA, What's Your Fav 2021 Cam Fam Memory?



Erica Duffy (@hello.erica.duffy)
Founder & CEO

"Wow, 2021 was a big year for me at Camera Ambassador. Although it was a few years in the making and delayed due to the pandemic, I officially became the sole owner of Camera Ambassador. For the past 7 years, I have grown and learned so much. Camera Ambassador and the local community have really become my passion and something I'm excited about every single day. Becoming the sole owner was a really huge accomplishment for me and reflected the fruits of my labor coming back tenfold to me. I am on the ground working at the shop and have strong relationships with so many of our clients that it was really essential for me to have the freedom to make decisions and continually improve based on real needs. I am always listening and looking for ways to innovate, and now I have the full ability to implement ideas and serve our community. It's been a wild ride baby and I'm beyond grateful for every single person who's supported me and Camera Ambassador along the way! We're just getting going too!"



Eric Silver (@ericsilv3r)
Lead Technician

"Probably any outside office hangs. I love working with everyone at the office, but the after-hours hang where we get to chat more and play games are great."



Ellen Partain (@ellen.rose.partain)
Rentals Manager

"Too many to pick! I had a blast this year at CA's birthday party. It was great to celebrate together with the whole team and see some of our favorite clients again. I also loved making our studio vibe video with the shop puppies. And my PROUDEST moment is the day Erica became sole owner. She worked so hard, it's been amazing to watch her courage, growth and determination come together for this goal!!! "



Jesse Homann (@iamthejessegirl)
Day Player Technician

"Halloween Party!"



Connor Smith (@prairiecreek)
Rentals Manager

"Getting to film our vibe video! It was the first time I think I got to meet everyone in-person and at the same time since I started working at CA during the pandemic. It was such a delight. The only part that wasn't perfect was that Rey wasn't there– in her defense she didn't work at CA yet."



Jay Nicholls (www.johnnichollsfilms.com)
Day Player Technician

"Honestly, just coming back to work consistently in person. I've been grateful to be back at Camera Ambassador and feel great to be working alongside a bunch of wonderful people."



Rey Tang (@reytangerine)
Client Relations/Marketing Associate

"My favorite (and proudest) moment this year was when Ellen complimented me on my customer service skills. I know it sounds lame, but you have to understand: Ellen is one of the sweetest humans on earth and having her praise me is like having Captain America say I throw frisbees well. Does that make any sense? Anyways, I printed out that email and taped it on the CA Fridge to forever enshrine this milestone. :)"



Tin Nguyen (tinfamous)
Former Part-Time Technician

"The Anniversary party!"


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