Ever so often, we ask our team, "Hey CA!...," a common filmmaking question to catch up with what they're working on or how they're doing. This week, we asked our team... 

Hey CA, What's your Favorite 2020 Release!?

Erica's pick:

Erica Duffy's favorite film of 2020 was Birds of Prey!

Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

dir. Cathy Yan

"My favorite movie in 2020 was Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey - I loved this movie because of the amazing set and costume design, plus a great storyline. I hope that in another lifetime, I am Harley Quinn, a total badass & babe!!"

-Erica Duffy | @hello.erica.duffy
Co-founder & Owner


Tin's pick:

Tin Nguyen's favorite film of 2020 was The Invisible Man!

The Invisible Man

dir. Leigh Whannell

"My favorite movie this year was 'The Invisible Man.' From the first scene to the end credits, it's non-stop tension with an engaging story and great performances from all the actors involved!"

-Tin Nguyen | @tinfamous


Dom's pick:

Dominique Chestand's favorite film of 2020 was His House!

His House

dir. Remi Weekes

"This horror film tells the story of a young couple who is forced to seek refuge in Britain during the South Sudanese Civil War. When they are assigned government housing, they find that an evil presence occupies their new home. This film provides an exceptional and striking balance between the horrific realities of war, the chilling discrimination that refugees face, and the terrors of the supernatural."

-Dominique Chestand | @demigaad
Marketing Lead & Assistant Manager


Ellen's pick:

Ellen Partain's favorite of 2020 was Queen's Gambit!

The Queen’s Gambit

dir. Scott Frank

"Ekkk. Honestly, I didn't watch many new 2020 movies this year. So I picked a show, 'The Queen's Gambit'– so impressed all around, especially the story and characters. Who knew chess could be so intense (!?!), and it's great to see people revisiting the game. This series certainly brought back some good childhood memories for me. I also loved the costume and set. Plus, the acting was amazing, so it's not hard to get hooked."

-Ellen Partain | @ellen.rose.partain
Rentals Manager


Eric's pick:

Eric Silver's favorite film of 2020 was Palm Springs!

Palm Springs

dir. Max Barbakow

"As far as 2020 releases, 'Palm Springs' is up there with my favorites. And ya know what, I'm going to call '1917' a 2020 film since it came out last Christmas. As a gimbal op, aspiring Steadicam op, and all-around lover of technical camera movements and long oners, '1917' is a masterpiece. I mean, how many other 1st ACs have gotten a thanks in an Oscar speech? I can only hope to work on something of that level one day."

-Eric Silver | @ericsilv3r
Lead Tech


Austin's pick:

Austin Taylor's favorite film of 2020 was Sound of Metal!

Sound of Metal

dir. Darius Marder

"MY favorite release came in at the buzzer, but it's 'The Sound of Metal'. I'm a sucker for music/dramas, and as a former drummer myself, I thought this film was an incredibly accurate portrayal of the raw passion that goes into drumming. But it's also an incredibly tragic tale of losing the ability to do the one thing that brings you joy and fulfillment in life. I also applaud the filmmakers for their portrayal of the deaf community, casting hard of hearing actors and using ASL as a language of the film. 5 out of 5. 10 out of 10. 3 out of 3. Give me a scale, and I'll max it out."

-Austin Taylor | @astronaut_aus
Creative Director


Connor's pick:

Connor Allen Smith's favorite film of 2020 was The Photograph!

The Photograph

dir. Stella Meghie

"One of the (few) bright spots of 2020 has been some really amazing films from femme directors: Chloé Zhao's 'Nomadland,' Josephine Decker's 'Shirley,' Kelly Reichardt's 'First Cow!' BUT, if I'm picking favorites, I'm going with 'The Photograph.' Such a lovely throwback to the romances of yesteryear. It moves slowly and tenderly and confidently as Issa & Lakeith captivate. Also, special shout out to Kore-eda's 'The Truth!' I mean. I've already cheated by including additional titles, and I'm a film believer that we could all use more Kore-eda ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ "

-Connor Allen Smith | @kondorfalcon
Content Producer


Cashew, the Shop Dog's pick:

Cashew the shop dog's favorite film of 2020 was American Utopia!

American Utopia

dir. Spike Lee

"Bark bark [Erica took me to see this at the Chicago International Film Fest's Drive-in!]... bark bark bark [They handed out noisemakers and it was a blast to shake my tail too]... bark bark bark woof [4 paws up]!"


-Cashew | @cashewsworld
Top Dog