We're excited to be announcing that our studio is now a one-stop shop for filmmakers as we carry Expendables! With our expanded inventory, we're highlighting a few items in our large selection of products.


1. RoboCup

Never lose a water bottle on set again! Strut up to production in STYLE with the new RoboCup! For living the filming high life, try our additional RoboCup add-ons, like the RoboCup Holster and RoboCup Plus.

2. Gaff Tape

A MUST-HAVE in any film crew member’s bag, Gaff Tape is a classic staple to have on-set. Whether you need to label items, mark places, or attach lightweight pieces, Gaff Tape’s got your back!

3. Soft T-Markers & Hard T-Markers

Upgrade your Actors’ Marks with our Soft T-Markers & Hard T-Markers! These weighted pieces conveniently and discretely assist with blocking talents without the awkwardness of holding for the ripping of tape and leaving sticky residue on the floor.

4. Camera Log Booklets


Save your editor the headache with these ADORABLE Camera Log Booklets! With columns such as Scene, Roll, Scene Description, Lens, Stop, FPS, Focus, Filter, Lens Height, Film Stock and Remarks, the booklets make it easy for productions to stay on track!

5. Bag It! 

Protect your lights/camera carts from the elements with Bag It! These cost-effective Visqueen Covers prove to be a practical measure to safeguard your film equipment.

6. Cap It!

From your favorite exclamatory product line, Cap It! offers a solution for protecting smaller items such as cameras and monitors from rain. These covers are made to be expendable, are easy to pull on/off, and can even work with touch screens!!!

7. Giottos Rocket Air Blaster 

Got dust on the lenses in a pesky crevice but too afraid to smudge the glass? With the Air Blaster, blow away pesky contaminants with a powerful stream of air!

8. Rosco Filter Gel Cuts 

SPICE UP YOUR IMAGE with fun colors and lighting schemes with Gels!!! While we carry a large stock of various colors, we’re also more than happy to expand our inventory for individual requests!

9. Pancro Lens Cleaner 

Pancro is a camera assistant's best friend for cleaning lenses from smudges. Pair this non-streaking, non-residue, and non-toxic spray solution with Kimtech Wipes!

10. Bluestar Eye Cushion 

SAY GOODBYE to uncomfy sticky eyecups! With these 100% non-woven intertwined, brushed, ultra-fine fiber strands, the Eye Cushion has a uniquely soft and smooth texture. We carry a large selection of cushions for different cameras!

11. Bongo Ties 

Sick of those unruly cables? Specifically designed for movie grips and sound technicians, Bongo Ties are professional-grade industry standard versatile ties, made of bamboo and natural rubber.

12. Tennis Balls 

Avoid scratching up floors by placing Tennis Balls on the legs of heavy light stands! (Also, makes for a great chew toy for your puppy!!!)

13. Zip Cords and Add-A-Taps (Male and Female) 

If you’re looking to construct an electrical setup, then Zip Cords and Add-A-Taps (Male and Female) are the products for you! Create your circuit confidently with these safe and straightforward components.

14. Easier Rig Handle 

Operate your Easy Rig in STYLE! Prevent those stinging rope burns!!! With this Easier Rig Handle gripping piece, you can now adjust your camera with ease. 

15. Teradek Right Angle Bracket 

Streamline your camera rig with our Teradek Right Angle Bracket! Made in-house, these pieces can mount teradeks directly onto the camera without a clunky noga arm. For Arri cameras, consider using our custom-made Teradek Right Angle Bracket with Arri Pins!

Ease up production with our vast selection of quality Expendables! For EVEN MORE products for various film departments, check out the Expendables Section on our website!!!