Women perform 70% of the labor on coffee farms worldwide, yet very few get the recognition they so rightfully deserve. On the Go Jo was created between three girlfriends as a way to serve coffee for their community, as well as to disrupt the patriarchal narrative, by elevating and empowering women producers in their families, communities, and industry.

This summer, Camera Ambassador proudly partnered with On the Go Jo to produce CREW BREW, the perfect coffee for bustling filmmakers. To celebrate, here's a little origin story Q&A with our new friends...


Creators of On the Go Jo Coffee

 On the Go Jo Co-Founders Toni Dale, Crystal Graham and Quiana DeBerry | J. Lauryn Photography


CA: Let’s start broad: in a few sentences tell us about On the Go Jo & the kernel (or rather, coffee bean) that’s blossomed into your current work/mission.

OTGJ: We work with women producers who are just as passionate about delivering the best coffee as we are. Although women around the world play a vital role in delivering coffee to consumers, their faces are still not seen and their voices are still not heard. We are here to transform the perception of women's roles in bringing coffee to our customers. We empower women through coffee.

CA: What are your favorite things about working in coffee?

OTGJ: My favorite thing about working in coffee is the coffee community itself. The relationships that have been developed throughout our coffee journey are invaluable! Mentors have taken us under their wing and have been incredibly supportive!

CA: What makes specialty coffee, like Crew Brew, so special exactly?

OTGJ: Specialty coffee like Crew Brew is developed by scouring the globe for delicious women-produced coffee!! We work with importers, farmers, and roasters that all have one mission in mind: to produce amazing, equitable, and ethical coffee. 


Brazilian Coffee Grower Arabela Pereira Lima proudly standing with her crops.

 Brazilian Coffee Producer Arabela Pereira Lima produced the beans for our Crew Brew Brazil Blend Medium Roast Coffee | On the Go Jo Coffee


CA: How do you all enjoy your coffee?

Crystal: I surprisingly tend to drink coffee later in the afternoon - I am not a morning coffee drinker. I think that’s why I had to name one of our coffee Out of Office. I love to drink coffee more socially and as a way to indulge and unwind. 

Toni: My morning ritual begins with a Moka pot, oat milk, my favorite single-origin coffee (Burundi by On the Go Jo), and homemade simple syrup. This amazing combination helps me get my day started!  

Quiana is the coffee purist - she likes her coffee black!

CA: Anything you’re excited about over the next few months or years as a company?

OTGJ: We are looking forward to expanding our coffee line. We currently carry coffee from Brazil, Rwanda, and Burundi, and we are excited about adding delicious coffee from Columbia, Ethiopia, and Costa Rica!


CA: If OTGJ was a movie, what movie/kind of movie would it be?

OTGJ: The OTGJ movie would definitely be an ACTION movie!!! As small business owners, we often wear various hats throughout the organization - we are involved in every aspect of On The Go Jo.

CA: Any closing thoughts? Where can people find y’all?

OTGJ: Please follow us on Instagram @onthegojocoffee and visit our website www.onthegojo.coffee to try our delicious coffee, tea, and simple syrup. Every bag purchase supports women-led community initiatives locally and globally. Each year, we select two US-based community programs to support, along with our year-long global partnerships with our women farmers.


lifestyle photo of crew brew on a coffee table, next to a plant and a magazine "American Cinematographers"


We’ve all been there. A late-night call sheet for an early morning call time. Fly in, CREW BREW, a collaboration between Camera Ambassador and On the Go Jo. A delicious combo of caffeine and flavor to fuel your creativity. From golden hour to daybreak, our roast will rally your crew through any overnight shoot, company move, or indecisive client.

Brighten up that #setlife with this freshly roasted, single-origin Brazil coffee. Whether you like your coffee black, with cream, or something in between, we promise that at first sip, you’ll taste the commitment to delicious, exceptionally roasted coffee.