Camiversary. (KAM-uh-vers-uh-ree). Noun. A celebration for the yearly anniversary of a member of the Cam Fam.

Congratulations to our Lead Technician and Spongebob Enthusiast Eric Silver for a fabulous two years at Camera Ambassador! To celebrate our favorite Delawarean, we sat down with Eric and asked him a few questions. Enjoy!


CA: All right, Eric. Tell us about you and your interests.

ES: I love to take things apart and... that's about it? Well, I also really like cameras. I like learning about how cameras and camera accessories work, and I like to take them apart and improve on a camera build with 3D Printing.

CA: You've worked various jobs before settling into Camera Ambassador. Which ones were the most memorable?

ES: I worked every position at one restaurant over the course of about two years. But, it did teach me a lot of how to exist in a workplace, especially a high stress one, like a kitchen.

CA: What did you do?

ES: I was a food runner. Then I became a sous chef, then pastry chef, then the line chef, and then I finally quit. I eventually came back as a server and then, when the bartender quit, I became the bartender.

CA: Oh, wow. So, literally every position.

ES: Yeah. I learned a lot at that job. I also worked at a bike shop and that's where I learned to tinker. I then worked for a group of super car dealers and that's how I learned about lighting and how to film cars. That's also how I got super into cameras - making videos for this group of car dealerships.


CA: What’s something cool that you’ve learned in your two years?

ES: I've learned a lot about the film industry and how the film industry works as a whole, just from working at a rental house. For Camera Ambassador, I did a training course for two days and I learned how to take apart Cooke lenses. They can be very intimidating given that they’re worth like ten to twenty grand. So, learning how to take a lens apart layer by layer and knowing what you're doing is a very satisfying achievement. 


CA: For folks who don’t know, Eric is a big fan and lover of puns. So, we've decided to challenge you into a segment we'd like to call “Pun-Off One-Offs”, where we throw words at you and you have to think of a pun as quickly as you can. You ready?

ES: I think so. You're talking to someone who loves being on the spot and performs well under pressure, so, I’m loving this.

CA: You're doing great.

ES: That was sarcasm.

CA: All righty then, let's start off with: “Chair”.

ES: Um, I don't know. I don't really have a leg to stand on right now.

A: Good work. "Camera".

ES: That’s a hard one because “camera” is kind of like the word “orange”, where it’s hard to slip into a pun. And whenever I hear the word camera, I just think of Jenna Maroney on 30 Rock and how she says “cam-er-AH”.

A: No worries. How about-- “Lights”.

ES: If you say "rise up, lights" in an Australian accent, you get "razor blades". Sorry. I don't know. This is a heavy topic for me.


CA: Nice. “Wrench”.

ES: I mean, that's a hard one. E-wrench-ually I'll think of one.


CA: Oh jeez.

ES: This is generally tough for me since my puns are very situational.

CA: All right. So you’re currently cleaning filters. What is the situational pun here?

ES: Um, sorry. I don't know. I'm just really trying to clear things up.


CA: Amazing. Awesome work. Thanks for your time, Eric.

ES: Anytime.


And now... enjoy a photo collage of our favorite Eric Silver moments!


Sending so much love Eric's way for this wonderful day. Eric has really elevated our tech brand and become a voice of authority in the Camera Ambassador community. The tech department has grown so much under Eric's leadership and we're so proud of what he has accomplished.

Check out Eric on his Instagram account and his Vimeo channel!