At the end of every year, Camera Ambassador likes to show our support to the local Chicago filmmaking community by offering our clients an incredible discount on camera, lens, grip, and lighting equipment! This year, we are excited to offer clients a TWO DAY rental rate if you pickup your gear between December 16th, 17th or 18th and return on January 4th! 

What would normally be a 19 day rental will only cost you 2 days! Now is the perfect time to shoot that spec commercial you’ve been writing or to try out a new piece of gear you’ve wanted to test. All Camera Ambassador products qualify for this discount — including our NEW Arri Alexa Mini LF. 

We wanted to make this discount as straightforward as possible and not trivialize anything with rolling discounts, qualified or unqualified gear, or anything to complicate your ease of rental! These end of the year discounts are important to use since we know the winter months have a tendency to slow down freelance work. It’s important for creatives to stay active during these seasons of hibernation and it means a lot to us to be able to accommodate that activity. We always say that we prefer if our gear is out in the world getting used for a discounted rate than sitting on a shelf collecting untouched. 

We are also excited to announce an exclusive discount on our RED Komodo! Our RED Komodo is 50% off and now can be rented for only $250 a day! One of newest cameras, the RED Komodo is a hot commodity! Designed as a crash cam, the Komodo is quickly evolving into an accessible and affordable B-Cam option on indie and commercial sets. With an impressive 6K sensor and high-speed capabilities, this low-profile camera is quickly becoming a high-demand machine. 

Book your order through our website today to take advantage of these incredible discounts while they last!