We recently connected with Camera Ambassador Tech Intern Maggie Jakopac about her favorite camera package! Having worked with several different kinds of cameras, lenses, and gear overall, Maggie let us know what her favorite camera rig was!



"I feel like I've gotten to work with a couple of different cameras while I've worked at Camera Ambassador, but I think the Red Komodo 6K Kit is probably my favorite. I really like the quality you can get out of it given the form factor. I feel like, with a lot of the other cameras, you can't shoot them in a lot of situations since they’re heavier and bigger, but the RED Komodo is versatile and is the smallest camera that we carry. You can also mount a good amount of accessories on it, even though the camera’s really small."


 Profile shot of the RED Komodo


"The other piece of gear that I really liked was the Teradek RT Triple-Axis Wireless Follow Focus Kit. I really enjoy setting up, mounting, and mapping the motors. Some wireless follow-focus systems might be a little bit difficult, but the Teradek I felt was a pretty seamless setup."



"I also really loved the Zeiss Ultra Primes. I love how sharp that set is."



"I've also chosen to build the RED Komodo on a rig with a Freefly Movi Pro. The Movi is especially great since you can mount a lot of things to it, like the Teradek and the Ultra Primes - you can mount more accessories than some of the smaller gimbals, where there’s a weight limit."


MAGGIE JAKOPAC is a Photographer and Videographer based in Chicago, IL. Photography and videography has been a big part of her life for as long as she can remember. In 2012, she started out on an entry level Canon DSLR and shot for fun. This allowed Maggie to explore her creative side and find out what really makes each frame special. Maggie's passion is in film directing and that comes with having an eye for the right framing, right angle, and composition overall. This makes for a more creative and unique approach to Event photography and videography.