"The RED V-Raptor is the latest in RED's line of cinema cameras and the first iteration of their DSMC-3 Body Type. It boasts a VistaVision sized sensor, allowing you to make full use of any full-frame or larger lenses - it is RF mount native but we also feature EF and PL adapters for flexibility. When shooting at 8K 120FPS this camera writes up to 800 megabytes per second (requiring RED approved media).
Now introducing a new cage from TILTA, which offers multiple 14.8V accessory power outputs, new top plate and side plates for dramatically more mounting options and an adapter for full sized gold mount batteries."

-Eric Silver, Lead Technician
Cinema-Luz Collective presents another lushful program of eight independent short films created through the craft of analog filmmaking. This will be a digital screening of shorts films all shot on a range of celluloid film followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers.

The International Latino Cultural Center will be screening 'Sand Eyes', a film about a forensic psychologist and her husband's separation ever since their son was kidnapped. Argentinian appetizers and wine provided at the reception. The evening will end with a conversation regarding the film.


Obsessed with slow-motion? Freefly is showcasing the Wave Camera! Recording 4K footage at a whopping 420 frames per second, this camera is sure to impress. We'll be testing the slow-mo feature with everything we can think of, from snapping our fingers to smashing produce! You won't want to miss this.