We're launching the second iteration of Heart to Heart.


Our intention is to create an inclusive and empowering space for BIPOC, Femme, and LGBTQ+ film industry newcomers to begin their journey with an introduction to the camera department.


Folks who join us will have the opportunity to enjoy a panel discussion and participate in an introductory session focusing on the 1st Assistant Camera, 2nd Assistant Camera, and Camera Utility.


CineYouth 2023 will be held in Chicago from April 21-23 and will include screenings of Officially Selected films, hands-on workshops, and special events.


Camera Ambassador will also be sponsoring the CineYouth lunch this year.



The Chicago Latino Film Festival screens close to 100 films from all over Latin America, the Caribbean, Spain, Portugal and the United States.


The Festival offers Chicago film lovers from all walks of life the opportunity to view films that might otherwise be inaccessible because they have yet to secure a distributor or streaming deal.


The festival takes place April 13th to April 23rd.