On September 1st, many of our handheld wireless follow focus kits are on sale!

Wireless follow focus kits allow the camera team (typically the assistant camera) to pull focus remotely. However, Camera Ambassador carries six different kinds of wireless follow focus kits, each with its own unique advantages and uses.
With the help of our Lead Technician Eric Silver, we’ve built a comprehensive guide towards selecting the best unit for you and your production!

Wireless follow focuses can control up to three axes: focus, iris (aperture), and zoom, in that order.


Furthermore, many units are also able to directly change camera settings and automate lens maps. Nonetheless, as a good rule of thumb: the more axes and features a follow focus can control, the higher the price point.

As a result, the first important consideration is how many axes and camera functions you’d like to control.

  • If you’d like to have more control over your camera, along with access to all three axes, click here.
  • If you’d like only to adjust focus, click here.

Triple Axis Wireless Follow Focus Units


When selecting between Triple Axis Wireless Follow Focus Units, the two attributes you’d want to consider most closely are compatibility and form factor. As a result, we’ll be evaluating our inventory with those criteria, along with listing unique details about the products themselves.


Arri Hi-5

If you’re filming with an Arri camera, then the Arri Hi-5 is one of the best choices. The top-of-the-line handheld unit integrates directly into the Arri system, allowing you to not only remotely control focus, iris, and zoom, but also alter most of the camera’s internal settings without ever touching the camera itself. Additionally, the Arri Hi-5 is outfitted with brand-new features, such as the nifty tail slate mode that asks for confirmation before cutting.


Arri WCU-4

The Arri WCU-4 is another fantastic option for Arri cameras at a lower price point. Although the Arri WCU-4 does lack some of the features of the Hi-5 (such as the touchscreen display), the unit still allows users to directly control camera settings from afar.

Similar to the Hi-5, the unit also displays easy-to-read lens data and provides intuitive lens mapping to pre-marked focus rings.


Teradek RT

The Teradek RT integrates with SmallHD monitors, allowing for real-time lens data readouts directly on your screen. Additionally, in terms of form factor, the Teradek RT has a very small motor driver receiver (MDR), which is helpful for more lightweight camera builds. 


Preston HU3

As our Lead Technician Eric Silver says: “the Preston HU3 is one of the most reliable systems in the market.” The motors work consistently and signal issues are rare. Additionally, it also integrates well with the Preston Light Ranger, a distance measuring system, allowing for you to have even more help racking focus. Nonetheless, one con to the Preston HU3 is its size: the motors and MDRs are on the heavy side. Once you learn how to operate the HU3, the unit proves to be robust and dependable through and through.

Single-Axis/Dual-Axes Wireless Follow Focus Units


Teradek Single Axis

The Teradek Single Axis is reliable for camera teams only looking to focus remotely. Additionally, the overall system has a stronger build quality and better reliability than the Tilta Nucleus. The Single Axis unit also has custom lens rings and lens mapping available.


Tilta Nucleus-M Dual-Axis Wireless Follow Focus Kit

The main thing you don't get with the Tilta Nucleus-M is lens mapping. Otherwise, the unit is fantastic and has features that the other wireless units do not, such as hand grips that operators can put on to handheld builds to control focus. It is also a much more affordable option than all the other wireless follow focuses, but also with the lower price point, it has less sophisticated software that may lead to issues such as signal interference. Additionally, the Tilta Nucleus-M has an integrated MDR in the motor. As a result, the simplified workflow allows for a basic setup near the camera body with only one cable itself.

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