At Camera Ambassador, we service over fifty lenses from ten different brands. Each type of glass has its own unique properties in terms of focal lengths, apertures, mounts, bokeh, image quality, etc.

It’s easy to get lost in our huge catalogue of film equipment. We’re here to help and are excited to present an in-depth look at three of our favorite lenses. You’ll learn more about each piece, the different characteristics that each lens has, as well as our personal takeaways! Here are...


MOST AFFORDABLE: Zeiss EF Contax (5) Prime Lens Set

hand reaching out to lights with ninja star bokeh, taken on the Zeiss Contax lenses

Matt Stuertz | Contax Zeiss 50mm 1.4 (at f/2) with "Ninja Star Bokeh"

“That’s where my obsession started. These lenses thread the fine line between organic and sharp, a line as thin as depth of field on an 85/1.2 wide open, only second to Leica. The main difference being that a normal human can afford Contax Zeiss but not Leicas.” -Tito Ferradans, Author for CineD

At $250 per day ($750 per week), the Contax Zeiss (5) Prime Lens Kit boasts both an economical price point and beautiful image quality. A vintage yet clean glass, these lenses originally came out for still photographers, but have since been cine-modded for modern full-frame film cameras. This includes an aperture de-click, focus gear, 80mm front ring and an EF mount to boot. The image produced has also been described as fairly “neutral”, allowing for versatility in the projects produced with this kit. Furthermore, these lenses handle contrast and flares quite well. The lenses’ most noticeable characteristic is their "ninja-star" bokeh for when the iris is closed a little bit. Next time you’re wanting to experiment with a different set of lenses, consider trying out these unique and economical optics!

Rent the Zeiss EF Contax 5 Prime Lens Set Here

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MOST VERSATILE: Venus Optics Laowa OOOM PL/EF/E 25-100mm T2.9 Zoom Lens

family filmed with a venus ooom lenses

Laowa OOOM 25-100mm T2.9 Cine Showreel | Filmed with a Venus Optics Laowa OOOM PL/EF/E 25 - 100 mm T2.9 Zoom Lens

“While the OOOM in its name standing for "Out Of Our Minds" might be a marketing ploy more than anything, the optics do not cut corners. With Super 35 coverage and a 9-blade aperture design, the lens provides a 300° focus throw with minimal breathing for a smooth, buttery rack focus.” -No Film School Staff

For the filmmaker on the go, there’s no better choice than the Venus Optics Laowa Zoom Lens. With it’s impressive 25-100mm zoom range, the focal scope saves time on set. Furthermore, with it’s constant T2.9 aperture and under 6 pounds weight, the lens both boasts serious adaptability and produces beautiful image quality - a delicate tradeoff that seasoned filmmakers know all too well. The biggest thing– it's got changeable mounts; available in PL, EF, AND Sony E-Mount. Armed with the Venus Optics Laowa Zoom Lens (Daily: $125.00, Weekly: $375.00), you could be the jack AND master of all mounts!

Rent the Venus Optics Laowa Ooom Zoom Here

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MOST UNDERRATED: Zeiss EF Otus (3) Prime Lens Set

people sitting at the center of the town square, shot on Zeiss Otus Lenses

Phil Holland| Canon 5DsR + Zeiss Otus 55mm f/1.4 @ f/4

“The clear focus for much of my motion and still work has been to create the highest possible quality image while maintaining a sense of artistry to the frame. That concept is what attracted me to the 28, 55, and 85mm Otus Primes, which are three of the most extraordinary lenses I've used in some time.”-Phil Holland, Director and Cinematographer

With full frame coverage (24 x 36 mm) and high resolving power, the Zeiss EF Otus lenses are perfect for the large sensors found on modern cameras. This glass, priced at a day rate of $250.00 (weekly rate of $750.00), is compatible with 8K and above for those filming in higher resolutions. Filmmakers can’t go wrong with the lenses’ sharp image quality, powerful lighting contrast capabilities, and incredibly smooth internal focus mechanism. Keeping in mind all these powerful specs, it’s no wonder that we have deemed this lens kit “most underrated”.

Rent the Zeiss EF Outus 3 Prime Lens Set Here 

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