Zoom H4n

Zoom H4n

$ 20 Day Rate

o (1) Hard Case

o (1) ZOOM H4N
o (1) 8GB SD Card
o (1) Cold Shoe to 1/4" 20 (with 2 wheels)
o (1) Foam Microphone Cover
o (1) 3 Rechargeable AA Batteries with Wall Charger
o (1) USB Cable 
o (1) Zoom AC Adapter AD-14A/D
o (1) Microphone Handheld Post


    The H4n is a small, lightweight, battery-operated audio recorder. It can record 4 tracks of audio, with two on-board microphones and two balanced XLR inputs. The H4n and the DSLR were made for each other. Lacking XLR inputs, DSLR cameras struggle to record rich, mixed audio. Writing to an SD card, the H4n can record high-quality 24-bit audio from two XLR inputs for hours on end. Shooting quality video has never been easier — always make sure your audio is well-recorded! Rent an H4n for your next production today.

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