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Tiffen 4x5.65" Soft/FX 1 Filter

Daily:  $10.00
Weekly:  $30.00
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The Tiffen 4 x 5.65" Soft/FX 1 Filter can be applied to purposely reduce the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles in portraits or to apply a general soft-focus effect while maintaining overall sharpness. An array of small lenses distributed within the surface of this filter smooths fine lines and textures, which can be useful for creating a more flattering result of a subject.

  • (1) Tiffen 4x5.65" Soft/FX 1 Filter

$10.00 Day/Weekend Rate
$30.00 Week Rate
$90.00 Month Rate  

  • Soft-Focus Effect
  • Reduces Subject Blemishes and Wrinkles
  • Maintains Overall Sharpness
  • 4mm-Thick Optical Glass Construction
  • Filter Type: Diffusion/Soft Focus
  • Filter Factor: 10x (3.3-Stop)
  • Rectangular Size: 4x5.65" 
  • Filter Thickness: 0.2" 
  • Filter Material: Glass