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Red Gemini 5K Kit

$695.00  / Day
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"The RED Gemini does everything the DSMC1 lineup does, but better. This modular camera eliminates unnecessary cables on your build with it’s smart connections - for faster, easier, essential additions to the body. This work horse of a camera can write up to 300 MB/s, and can simultaneously record REDCODE RAW, and ProRes or DNXHR/HD. The camera offers dual sensitivity modes for better performance with low light shooting through an improved ISO range. If you need all the versatility of a RED camera, along with higher sensor sensitivity, amazing dynamic range, clean images with less noise and better shadows, then this is the camera for you."

- Jordan Graves, Tech  

  • (1) RED Gemini 5K Body
  • (1) Smallrig Top Plate
  • (1) Red Top Handle
  • (1) 7" Touch Monitor
  • (2) 480GB Mini-mag
  • (1) Mini Mag Reader
  • (1) USB-C Cable
  • (1) SATA Cable
  • (1) AC Power Adapter
  • (1) IEC Cable
  • (1) Red Multitool
  • (1) PL Or EF Mount
  • (1) Hard Case

$695.00 Day/Weekend Rate
$2,085.00 Week Rate
$6,255.00 Month Rate