Mitchell Baby Tripod Legs

Daily:  $25.00
Weekly:  $75.00

The Mitchell Baby Tripod Legs offers a single-stage design and die-cast spider to ensure maximum rigidity for head and camera loads up to 300 pounds, and the rotary locking clamps provide tool-free temperature-independent leg adjustment. The legs feature a 4 to 34.6" height range, so you can get your camera close to the ground for low-angle shots. The aluminum alloy legs provide a balance between weight and strength that allows the legs to handle the rigors of the production day, and the dual spiked feet provide grip on soft exterior surfaces.

  • (1) Mitchell Base Baby Tripod Legs
  • (1) Ground Level Spreader 
  • (1) Case

$25.00 Day/Weekend Rate
$75.00 Week Rate
$225.00 Month Rate

  • Tripod Type:


  • Max Payload:

300 lbs

  • Max Height Range:


  • Minimum Height Range:


  • Materials:




  • Three keyway slots in the head fitting allow you to quickly align your tripod head on the legs
  • Single-stage design for maximum rigidity
  • Short leg tube "baby" version for extra low angles
  • Die-cast alloy spider/receiver top stage
  • Rotary stage clamps are temperature-independent
  • Dual leg spikes for high and low angles

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