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Tiffen 138mm Diopter +3 Filter

Daily:  $15.00
Weekly:  $45.00
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Tiffen Diopter Filters are the simplest and least expensive method of close-up photography. Have you ever wished that your lens could focus closer than it does? Imagine that you could put a magnifying glass in front of your camera's lens. With Tiffen Close-up lenses, you can dive into the world of macrophotography with a minimum of expense and with a maximum of confidence.

  • (1) Tiffen 138mm Diopter +3 Filter

$15.00 Day/Weekend Rate
$45.00 Week Rate
$135.00 Month Rate  

  • Allows Focusing Closer than Basic Lens
  • ColorCore Glass
  • Black Aluminum Filter Ring
  • Filter Type: Close-Up / Diopter
  • Diopter Strength: +3
  • Circular Size: 138mm
  • Front Accessory Thread / Bayonet: 138mm
  • Coatings: None