Bright Tangerine Viv 3-Stage Swing Away Matte Box

Daily:  $65.00
Weekly:  $195.00

A clamp-on, swing-away, and rod mounted lightweight matte box designed for larger video sensors. No additional cassettes to attach, no time wasted changing back plates. Three filter stages that rotate through 360 degrees. Comes with lightweight carbon fiber flags to block out stray light. Use RED Pro Zooms at 5K. “Vignettes are a thing of the past.”

  • (1) Bright Tangerine Viv Swing Away Matte Box
  • (3) 4X5.65 Filter Frame 
  • (1) 15mm Rod Holder With (2) Locking Screw
  • (1) 19mm Rod Adapter With (2) Locking Knob
  • (1) Top Flag With (2) Adjustment Screw
  • (2) Side Flag With Adjustment Screw
  • (1) Adapter Ring Clamp With Knob
  • (1) 114mm Adapter Ring
  • (1) 138mm Adapter Ring With Screw On Insert
  • (1) 138mm Rubber Ring
  • (1) 143mm Adapter Ring
  • (1) 62-143mm Black Hole
  • (1) Hard Case

$65.00 Day/Weekend Rate
$195.00 Week Rate
$585.00 Month Rate 

  • Filter Tray Capacity:


  • Filter Frame Size:


  • Diameter:

150mm Max

  • Material:

Carbon Fiber & Hard Anodized Aluminum

  • Weight:

In 3-stage Configuration: 1.3lbs (inc. filter trays)

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