Bright Tangerine Swing Away Matte Box

Bright Tangerine Swing Away Matte Box

$ 65 Day Rate

A clamp-on, swing-away, and rod mounted lightweight matte box designed for larger video sensors. No additional cassettes to attach, no time wasted changing back plates. 3 filter stages that rotate through 360 degrees. Comes with lightweight carbon fiber flags to block out stray light. Use RED Pro Zooms at 5K. “Vignettes are a thing of the past.”

o (1) Hard Case

o (1) Three 4.00x5.65 Filter Frames with Orange Pulley Release
o (1) 15mm Rod Holder
o (1) Strummer 19mm Rod Adapter (2 Locking Knobs)
o (4) Ring Inserts ( 80mm, 87mm, 95mm,110mm,)
o (2) Side Barn Doors (1 Screw Each)
o (1) Top Barn Door
o (5) Frame Inserts

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