Arri Follow Focus MFF-1

Arri Follow Focus MFF-1

$ 30 Day Rate

This follow focus is ready to attach on to any 15 mm rail system. The Arri MFF-1 includes a .8 pitch gear that can adapt to either side of your rig. Comes with a built-in hard stop feature and a space-saving mounting snap-on bridge. Use most all lenses ranging from 7″-11″ in circumference; this includes your DSLR-style lenses all the way to high-end cine glass!

o (1) Hard Case

o (1) Arri MFF-1 Follow Focus
- (1) Circular Rod Locking Knob with Spring Platform
- (1) 2 Height Adjustment Knobs
- (1) Gear with Silver Locking Screw
- (1) Blue Rod Screw
- (1) Red Rod Screw
o (1) White Marking Ring
o (1) 10" Whip
o (1) 19mm Camera Rod Adaptor
- (2) 1/4 20" screws

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