About Us


Camera Ambassador is a full service rental and production house based in Chicago. We are not only committed to equipping artists and filmmakers with the tools they need for their craft, but also providing them with a community of creative support.

The Team

Brandon is the business mastermind behind Camera Ambassador.
Erica is the executive matriarch. She also goes by Queen E. 'Nuff said.
Adam is a multi-hat-wearing manager who's most commonly sighted at the front desk. He's also a fantastic musician.
Rinkesh is the in-house Director of Photography and gear expert.
Sonia inspects every piece of equipment before it leaves and after it comes back. You gotta get through her to get to our gear.
Jordan handles sales for Camera Ambassador to keep inventory fresh and up to date.
Eden is all things marketing. She also produces and directs films on the side.
Jonah is our sassy floater.
Mr. Bigglesworth owns Camera Ambassador.