Tilta Armor Man Ultimate Gimbal Support Rig

$ 150 Day Rate

o (1) Case

o (1) Tilta Armor Man Ultimate Gimbal Support Rig
- (2) Spring arms
- (2) Wristbands
- (1) Additional pad
- (2) Allen keys
- (1) Reversible screw driver

    Meeting the needs for gimbal shooters, the Tilta Armor Man system will allow filming for long durations with ease. The system uses 2 Steadicam style support arms that hold the weight of any gimbal. The vest is height adjustable and has a v-lock plate at the back which can power accessories. The V-lock plate has a D-Tap output and a 4 pin Lemo socket. The dual spring action arms transfer all of the weight of the gimbal and the tension of the springs can be adjusted to suit your needs.

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