Firecrest 4x5.65" IRND 1.5 Filter

Daily:  $10.00
Weekly:  $30.00
The Firecrest 4 x 5.65" IRND 1.5 Filter provides a reduction in exposure of 5 stops. By darkening the entire image, you can photograph with a wider aperture or slower shutter speed than normally required for greater control over focus, movement, and brightness.

  • (1) Firecrest 4x5.65 IRND 1.5 Filter

$10.00 Day/Weekend Rate
$30.00 Week Rate
$90.00 Month Rate  

  • 1.5 Densities, 5 Stops
  • Increase Exposure Length
  • Greater Control Over Exposures
  • Type: Solid ND with IR Attenuation
  • Size: 4x5.65"
  • Coatings: Multi-Coating

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