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EasyRig 300N + 9" Extension Arm (11 - 17lb Payload)

$95.00  / Day
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The Easyrig is a lightweight, portable camera support system that transfers most of the camera weight to your hips. Prevents strained back and shoulders, quick and easy to assemble, and compatible with all camera systems.  The EasyRig Cinema 3 300N with 9" Extension Arm Assembly can handle a camera system weight of 11 to 17 lbs. This unit features an adjustable 9" of travel hook position allowing adjustment for weight centering. The camera must have a handle or compatible device to be compatible with the carry mount hook of the EasyRig.

  • (1) EasyRig 3 300N Support Arm + 9" Extension, (4) Adjustment Knob, & Lockable Camera Hook
  • (1) EasyRig 3 300N Vest With Camera Safety Strap, (2) Carabiner, (2) Side Support Arm, Small Pouch, & Large Pouch
  • (1) Manual
  • (1) EasyRig Travel Bag

$95.00 Day/Weekend Rate
$285.00 Week Rate
$855.00 Month Rate