DJI Ronin 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

$ 200 Day Rate

DJI’s Ronin is another competitor in the world of 3-axis stabilizers. Slightly less expensive than the M10, the Ronin was the first stabilizer to use three brushless motors. These gimbals have the ability to keep the camera stabile on all 3 axes during usage. The use of an inertial measurement movement reacts to motion and utilizes all three motors to stabilize the camera.

  • DJI Ronin #0330011215
  • Ronin Battery DJ090014071800022
  • Ronin Battery DJ090014082104412
  • Quick Release Mounting Brackets
  • Lens Support and Screw
  • Parts bag with 2 1/2 20's and 2 2/8 20's.
  • Ronin TX Remote #0360023261
  • Ronin Stand
  • Carbon Fiber Handle Bar with 3 Handles
  • DJI Battery Charger Model MDA10116803000 + Cable
  • Mini USB to USB cable
  • Ronin Baseplate DJI R-001
  • 2” 15mm screw on rods
  • DJI Hard Case with 2 fitted inserts
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