Cooke S7/i 8 Lens Kit

Cooke S7/i 8 Lens Kit

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The Cooke S7/i is the latest lens release from Cooke Optics.  The new S7/i prime set covers 35mm, Super 35mm, full frame, and VistaVision sensors with an image circle of 46.31mm.  These beautiful new Cookes will cover the Arri 65 in 16:9 and Red's latest 8k VistaVision sensors.  The S7/i provide the same Cooke optical and mechanical perfection we have come to know and love.  They are equipped with Cookes /i Technology for frame by frame metadata.

      Feature Highlights

  • Focal lengths: 18, 25, 32, 40, 50, 75, 100 and 135mm
  • T2.0 – T22 aperture
  • Covers at least 46.31mm image circle
  • Colour matched to Anamorphic/i, S4/i, miniS4/i, 5/i and Pancro/i Classic lenses
  • Award-winning cam style mechanism for smooth focus adjustments
  • Especially well balanced for astigmatism and correct for lateral and longitudinal aberrations over the entire image area
  • Supplied with the next generation of /i Technology for lens metadata capture
  • Linear iris
  • The Cooke Look®, of course


Cooke S7/i Specs


Cooke S7/i demo footage 



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