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Pet Costume Contest!

We're so excited to host a PET COSTUME CONTEST this year for Halloween! Submit a photo of your pet in their halloween costume (bonus points if the costume is film related!) to our DMs and we'll select a winner on October 31st! The winner will receive a SWEET Expendables Bundle curated by the Camera Ambassador team! Submit your photos today and mainline that cuteness straight into my veins!

Tech Take Over: Red Gemini & Mytwork Prep Bays

Enjoy this recording from our recent Facebook Live Tec Takeover on the Red Gemini & our Mytwork Prep Bays hosted by Tech/Creative Director Austin Taylor and featuring Tech Tin Nguyen.

Chicago International Film Festival Networking Event

CIFF Industry Day pass holders are welcome to come chat with us at their Networking Event! Swing by our digital booth to talk all things cameras, Chicago film, and Goldendoodles! It's not too late to get your passes!

Assistant Directors Bootcamp led by Saró Melero

Camera Ambassador and the Center for Creative Entrepreneurship collaborate for this virtual event.

Assistant Directors are an integral part of the filmmaking process. They help sets run efficiently, set the tone for the day and lead us through the shooting day with ease. Learn how to become a strong AD or brush up on your DPR/Call sheet creation skills in our next Iron Sharpens Iron workshop, "Assistant Director Bootcamp". Hosted by Saró Melero.

This bootcamp will cover:

- A breakdown of the 1st AD position and the AD department.
- How a 1st AD interacts with -  - - Actors, Director, Producers, and all departments.
- Importance of collaboration and delegation.
- Set presence as a 1st AD
- Understanding and creating strip boards, shooting schedules, shot list, call sheets, and DPRs.

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