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How we’re keeping you safe:

Staggered Shifts - We are limiting the amount of staff allowed in our shop at a time. This means staggered shifts and minimal contact between staff.

Limits on Pick-ups - Pick ups will be limited to one client per one hour time slot.

Limits on Gear Preps - Preps in our shop are limited to one per day, allowing our staff to thoroughly clean the prep room before and after each client.

Gaps Between Returns and Rentals - There is varying information about how long COVID-19 can survive on hard surfaces. However, we are allowing as much time as possible between the return of a product and the time it goes back out into the field.

Disinfecting - Equipment -  All components of the gear are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected during every prep and upon each return. The type of disinfectant varies depending upon the type of gear. We are using either a soap & water solution or a 60 - 99% isopropyl alcohol mix. For more sensitive surfaces we are using quaternary ammonium products such as Clorax disinfecting wipes. If an item is able to be machine washed, such as rags, this is our preferred route for disinfecting. All shop surfaces - Surfaces that are regularly cleaned and disinfected includes doorknobs, desktops, counters, iPads, prep bays, and carts. For these types of surfaces we are cleaning with a diluted bleach solution as often as possible. This is the preferred method for when you’d need to enter our shop, but if you have a bleach sensitivity please let us know in advance so we can use alternative methods. Shop surfaces are being cleaned before AND after each client visit, as well as regularly throughout the day.

Personal Protective Gear - Upon entry, clients must be wearing a mask while in the shop. Gloves and masks are worn by our staff anytime clients are in the shop, while gear is being transported, and for curbside pick up.

Washing Hands - Staff are required to thoroughly wash their hands before and after each prep, tech check, and pick up.

Avoiding close contact - If in-person communication is required, staff will maintain at least 6 feet of distance between themselves and clients. We ask you to kindly also follow this guideline.

How Does Curbside Pick Up Work?

When you arrive, call 773-791-6522 to let us know you’re here.We’ll open the door and bring out a disinfected cart with all of your gear. During this time, we’ll be wearing fresh gloves and masks for our safety and yours.Once you see we’re back inside, you can get out of your vehicle, retrieve the cart, and load your car.While you’re loading your vehicle, we’ll email you the signature document via Docusign for you to complete from the safety of your vehicle, via your phone.After you’re done, please place the cart back in front of our door. We’ll wave goodbye while crying a single tear because we miss you!

How Does an Equipment Prep in Your Prep Bays Work?

This is no problem, and takes just a little bit of extra coordinating. Keeping you safe and ensuring you have a successful shoot is our top priority.

If you’d like to do a prep, please let us know at least 48 hours before your pick up. We are only allowing 1 prep per day in our facility.Our staff will do a thorough disinfection of our prep bays before you’re set to arrive. After the space has been cleaned, access to this area will be closed off to anyone except you.When you arrive, we’ll let you into the space while wearing gloves & a mask. You will also be required to wear protective gear during your prep.We’ll have a phone number listed on your prep bay. If you need assistance during your prep, you can safely request help by calling this number.We’ll get whatever you need ready by disinfecting all components and placing it on a cart. This cart will be waiting for you just outside the prep area.Let us know when you’re ready to load out and we’ll ensure the reception is clear and ready for you. Paperwork will be sent to you via Docusign, so you can safely complete it from your phone.