Red Weapon Helium DSMC2 8k Kit

Red Weapon Helium DSMC2 8k Kit

$ 750 Day Rate
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$ 950

$ 750 Weekend Rate

$ 2,250 Week Rate

$ 6,750 Month Rate

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Kit Includes:

o (1) Hard case


o (1) RED Weapon Helium 8k Body
o (1) RED DSMC2 OLPF Standard
o (1) RED DSMC2 V-Lock I/O Expander
o (1) Wooden Camera Top Handle
o (2) 19mm 12" Rod 
o (1) Wooden Camera 5" Ultra Arm Double Ball
o (1) RED DSMC2 Side Handle Protective Cover Plate
o (1) RED DSMC2 Touch Carbon Fiber LCD Monitor with Hood
o (1) RED DSMC2 Lemo Adapter A
o (1) RED DSMC2 Lemo Adapter B
o (1) Monitor Lemo Cable 


o (2) RED Mini Mag 512GB 
o (1) RED DSMC2 Mini MagStation 
o (1) RED DSMC2 USB-C Power Cable
o (1) USB Power Supply Cable
o (1) RED DSMC2 Power 800 Cable


o (1) RED DSMC2 AC LEMO AC Power
o (1) IEC Cable
o (1) RED DSMC2 Wooden Camera V-Mount D-Box

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